Gautier is the lead Developer for most projects involving the Saloon Discord Group. Gautier originally joined Blockland some time around 2008, almost nine years in the community he hasn't really done much. He originally used to host Boss Battle servers based on the Team Fortress 2 custom gamemode Freak Fortress 2.

When 2013 came around, Gautier had gone on hiatus mainly due to lack of creativity and unsure as to what to do in Blockland feeling as there's not much he can do. Until 2015, Jayce, another Blocklander. Introduced Gautier to some of his game modes.

His main inspiration for most of his projects was Jayce when he was introduced to one of his gamemodes that Gautier made a video about, it was called Spooky Mailbox. It was a Five Nights at Freddy's parody in Blockland with memes and inside jokes. It was Gautier's first Blockland video on his channel, Gautier would later on make a sequel to Spooky Mailbox uploading Spooky Mailbox 2 showing a completely improved version of the gamemode that rather involving Players be the animatronics, Jayce would introduce how bots can be effective rather then players.

Gautier was even one of the first play-testers of Jayce's well-known gamemode Dixmiggie .This interested Gautier to wanna learn how to event properly as well as try to create game modes himself for his friends. Eventually Gautier started wanting to host servers publicly so that he can show others what he's now capable of learning off the shoulder of Jayce, and hopefully can inspire others to try to do the same thing Gautier does. Learn, improve, stay motivated, and hopefully allow more people who are new to Blockland to see what this game and community is capable of.