Who is Slimebrik?

Slimebrik is one of the lead developers of CrystalScape. He helped Gautier create Chronicles of Thieves, and Dark Chronicles. (which were mainly experiments to really get an understanding on how to properly make games)His work mostly includes: Cleaning up others maps, making many incomplete maps that never end up in the final version, and yelling over a piece of paper not sending the right value. Slimebrik was a very big part of CrystalScape's development, however due to personal differences he's no longer a CrystalScape team member, The Saloon wishes Slime best in his future endeavors. 

Meeting Gautier

Slimebrik saw an ad for a Public Family Feud in another discord. He had some laughs, and afterwards, Gautier asked the crowd if anyone wanted to help build for his game Slimebrik accepted, and they soon became friends.