Chapter 3: On The Run.

After defeating King Jasper the Players are now trying to navigate the Forest and avoid all enemies that have swarmed in that environment. At this point of the story, the Players now realize its getting more and more difficult to stay alive due to how much stronger each Crystal makes the enemies of each level. The next King they attempt to find is King Roderick. He holds the Crystal of The Ethereal Forest Temple, an abandoned Temple that now rots beneath the surface of the planet. Now infested with Skeletons powered by the Crystal, the Players have to fight their way through until they can find King Roderick. However, all they end up finding is Roderick's weapon lying on the ground once they reach the end. It turns out the Legendary Creature known as the Spider King now rests in this Temple, as the Players unwittingly interrupt his slumber. The Players now must face off against a powerful arachnid along with its minions.